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Who are we?

We are Krypto IT. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, we are dedicated to provide technology solutions to the small business market. From websites, customized solutions, mobile applications, and consulting, we embrace technology and place it at your fingertips. Our team has a vast knowledge of different technologies, tools, marketing areas and social networking. We would love to hear your technology problems, limitations, projects, and goals to educate you to make a smart decision. Consulting is free and very valuable information because we know there are inexpensive alternatives and we explain them. We are constantly learning new products and integrating technologies to offer the latest applications based on your needs


We want your business to grow, and we are prepared to handle changes and escalate your business to the next step when the time comes. Our solutions have scalability in mind


We are flexible. By combining different technologies and products we are able to offer a wide range of solutions for your business.


We guarantee that you will love our work. From idea to deployment and testing our products and services have the highest degree of quality.
Thanks to Krypto IT services my business web site have received the most compliments thanks to his wonderful and dedicated professional services. You will not believe the amount of emails from other business requesting who is my web site developer. It attracts lots of business inquiries and needs. I will recommend absolute anyone to try Krypto IT's services. Truly professional and eager to make you and your business succeed.
- Cristian Escalante - CJE Services

Our Services

We have a wide variety of ideal services to publicize your business worldwide

Reporting & data

We have over ten years of experience in data visualizations and reporting tools such as SSRS, Power BI, and Tableau. We gather requirements and provide new ideas.

Free Consulting

Be a part of our family. We offer free IT consulting to our clients and partners. We can guide you in the right direction for tools, infrastructure, and software solutions.


We help you organize your business based on how you want your customers to perceive you. From logo to website we will deliver the message. We have the best design team to create materials based on your promise to customers.

Cloud Computing

Let our engineers set you up on the cloud. We tailor Azure and AWS to your needs.

IT Services

Lease our IT team to care for your IT needs. We have engineers ready to help you.


Search Engine Optimization is a service we offer to allow your website to be visible and ranked on search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. The websites we build come with integrated organic search engine optimization.


We use the latest technologies to build customized solutions. Based on your needs and requirements we decide weather to use popular CMS systems or create web applications using best practices and scalable solutions. From hosted to serverless we have the tools, creativity, and passion to take your project to the next level.

Credit Card Processing

Before accepting credit cards, you must learn that most processors out there offer Tiered Pricing which is the worst rate for a business. Square and PayPal use blended Pricing which is like Tiered Pricing. The best credit card rate is called Interchange-Plus, offered to only huge global chain stores. These are the best rates for a business due to its fees and transparency of charge. We make these rates available to you through our payment platform and relationships. See MerchantMaverick.com for more information.

Mobile Apps

Based on customer requirements, we create a specifications document, deployment strategy, testing strategy, and acceptance criteria. With this information we create an estimate plan.


We provide hosting with unlimited bandwith and personalized support. We also have the ability to reserve a domain under your name.


We have printing and design services at very competitive prices.

Marketing and Sales

Need to monetize your internet connection? or set up a network to share files and print wireless? we have the solution..

Our Solutions

Web Technologies

We have the knowledge and expertise with different web technologies to build and maintain web applications and websites. From design to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we have created web solutions for companies and clients that have increased sales and generated business.

There are many technologies available and many ways to build web applications in todays world. It is very important that you choose the best solution and we can help you thru the process.


Our vast experience, exposure, integrity and values allows us to provide consulting services in the IT industry. We have seen many scenarios and have take every obstacle as an opportunity to come up with new solutions or innovate processes. We have a great understanding of how systems work and what it takes to integrate applications. Technology is always changing, and Krypto It adapts to changes.

Data Solutions

Our team includes database administrators who understand how important and sensitive data is. We do not re-invent the wheel when it comes to data solutions, we are familiar with various data tools that can clean, manipulate, and transfer data from one system to another. We have developed and design SQL Server databases, created Reporting Services environments, and data visualizations using various frameworks. We are responsible for the installation, configuration, upgrade, administration, monitoring and maintenance of databases in multiple organizations.

Contact us

We serve clients nationwide and abroad. Our two main locations are Boston, MA and Mexico City

Boston, MA:

27 Vane Street
Revere, MA 02151, USA

Miami, FL:

17129NW 23RD ST,
Pembroke Pines FL33028, USA

Mexico City:

Paseo de los Tamarindos 400A
Bosques de las Lomas, C.P. 05120, Mex

Phone Boston:

+1 857 293 9345

Phone Miami:

+1786 618 6289

Phone Mexico City:

+52 (55)5261-6227


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